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exempt from the interviews?


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So, there is this school I had been interested in for a long time, I met the faculty for the first time in a series of conferences like 2 years ago, and then(as I am not from the U.S) I went there as an exchange student for 2 quarters. I had the chance to get to know most of the faculty in the meanwhile, and couple of the committee members offered me to wrote LORs for my application. Now, they are on the reviewing process, on the 3rd round of reviews, which will be the interviews. I had been told that "since they know me so well" there is no need for me to go through another round of interviews. I am basically going crazy, for there is another 2 weeks or so for the final decision, in the meanwhile they are telling me that they "cannot make any promises at this point, but the faculty likes my application very much", and that "they are very much hopeful that I will be a student in the program very soon".

What do you think these are, is it good or bad to be exempt from the interviews, and what does this "we cannot make any promises since the prospective students haven't visited us yet" part mean?

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I'd say you're set... but make sure you know everything *you* want to know about the lab and program! It's totally appropriate if you send a few questions by email or ask to chat on the phone. Do you know what kinds of projects they're working on, and whether they might be starting any new projects in the next year? Is it clear how you'd be funded, and how much time you'd have for teaching and research? Have you talked to any of the current grad students and postdocs?

Remember that this is a two-way interaction, and grad school will be a pivotal step in your scientific career. Make sure you're well informed and going where you want to go, not just where you get in.

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