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Documentary Film Programs

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So far I haven't seen any documentary film programs in the results page aside from Stanford. Anybody out there apply to any noteworthy programs? Any results?

I applied to the following schools and have not heard back from any of them.

Stanford MFA in Documentary Film

Duke MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts

UC Santa Cruz DANM (Not really a documentary program but a digital arts program)

CU Boulder MFA in Film

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I just received my acceptance to the Wake Forest Documentary Film MFA. So excited. It was my first choice. Stanford's program was way too much $$$ for me to even consider. WFU cuts the price of tuition significantly for the doc students, making it doable.

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Hopefully it will be a little sooner. I emailed Teka and she said we should know by March 31st. Keep breathing :)

I was told yesterday by a Duke employee that it wasn't likely that we would hear until April. :(

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7 hours ago, Cho333 said:

I had a friend who got an admission last year. He said no interview, just the admission.

I applied to Duke this year. You, too? @bunception

no word yet


Nice to hear! I've been wondering if no interview meant no chance. Yep I applied to Duke, fingers crossed for both of us :)

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