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1350 vs 1350


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Hi everyone

I just finished my 2nd GRE test today. Get 580(v)+760(q) versus my first try with 620(v)+720(q). I don't know how to describe my feeling... ...I'm an international student spend loooooots of time and effort to improve my English.

Any way, they all gonna be sent to graduate school ... ..

I'm now in suny-sb with overall gpa3.7 and major3.9. Since social science is in the quantitative trend. I also minor in applied math and statistics with totally 8 courses. now is in thesis project. My dream school is chicago or Wisconsin , may still give ivys a shot. hope it's not waste of money$$

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What's your question?

I'm guessing you're worried about your chances. If you want to apply to the top top programs, in general it's best to get over a 1400 GRE score, but it's not absolutely necessary. Research experience (and relatedly, your letters of recommendation and SOP) will matter more.

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I think schoold are more forgiving towards interantional students that have low verbal scores, at least in science.

And American students too (for science) :D

You may want to have a safety school too though, just in case. There are so many international applicants applying to the same schools and clearly they can't get into all of them -- there isn't enough space. So keep that in mind too

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Doberman, your GRE is fine.

If you take the top scores of each you have a 1380, that's great. Now you passed that hurdle, you can worry about the rest of your application.

-sigh-I wish I knew the GRE had so much less importance than I thought when I was taking it...

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