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Ahhhhhhhhh! Sticky Dilemma

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So here's my painstaking dilemma:

I applied to the PhD program at Columbia's GSAS. Subsequently rejected, I asked to be considered for their MA program. I also applied to Columbia's Teachers College's MA program in a similar field: political science. I received my acceptance from Teachers College, but my heart is with the Columbia GSAS program because of fit and desired faculty. The catch is: I have to respond to TC by April 18th, and GSAS won't issue notifications until mid-April to June! My question is this:

I really like the TC program...just not as much as the one at GSAS. Because these programs are virtually at the same institution, is it bad taste to accept the TC offer and then rescind pending a GSAS acceptance? Or can I ask TC for an extension on their deadline? I don't want to "leave a bad taste" because these two programs seem to be interlocked. Any advice? Thoughts? It's greatly appreciated!

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Do you have flexibility in the program you're accepted to already to take courses/work with profs in the other program? It seems to me that this interdisciplinarity would be not only possible but encouraged. I'd ask about that, if I were you. Good luck!

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I would add that TC and GSAS work very separately because TC gets autonomy over its management. This also means that when you cross register for courses (this should be mentioned in your syllabus if you can at all. Some programs dont have choice of electives), you will be treated below GSAS's original students. I would ask TC to give you an extension, and see if thats possible. Also, TC is more education focussed, so you might want to check what EXACTLY their political science program is specialized in..

That being said, chances to work with faculty are always dependent on students. Also, you could ask GSAS to tell you of your chances of acceptance, and say that they are your first choice but you have other offers that you need to reply to. They might at least give you an idea of your chances for the Masters program..

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