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Not letting a school know you accepted another offer


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I have accepted an offer from a good program already.

I also got into my safety school where they have no April 15th deadline.

They said that they will let me know late April whether or not I will be receiving funding and then I can make a decision whether or not I want to attend.

I'm kinda curious to know whether or not I get funding.

Do you think it is ok to wait for the funding offer before I decline, or I should I decline right away?

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Unethical? When you have to ask a question like that, then you've probably answered it yourself.

If you've made a decision, then you've done just that; let the other schools know so that someone else can get the spot. If nothing else, it's common decency and KARMA!

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You people are really making me out as some villain.

I emailed the admissions coordinator in february and she told me to wait till april for a funding decision.

She told me that there is no deadline.

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Are you waiting because Program 1 did not give you funding and you are curious as to whether Program 2 will give you funding, and plan to switch?

If you have no intention of declining Program 1 to go to Program 2 regardless of the decision, then you should just withdraw your application already. What's the point?

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