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SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and topic change?


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Hi all,

I currently hold the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, I have for one year now, and two more years going. When I first submitted the application, it was based on an old research topic. I have since changed it, and this new idea will be part of my dissertation. There really isn't any relationship between this new idea and the old one. Is this okay for SSHRC? Or am I screwed (financially) if I stay with this new topic?



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i'm fairly certain it doesn't matter if you change your topic. the SSHRC wants to make sure you're still registered in your program, but they know that these ideas change and evolve, especially for people that get the 4-year or 3-year awards. as far as i know, there's no oversight to ensure that you actually write what you said you would. you should be fine.

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I have heard that it's not a problem, so long as your new research still qualifies as SSHRC-funded research. You can't switch from English to Chemistry (for example). This is more an issue in my discipline, psychology, where a lot of research could fit into any of the three council's mandates.

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