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So, weirdly about 1.5 miliseconds after I sent an email to The City College of NY asking them why I had not yet received an admissions decision....an email popped up from them saying I was accepted. Really strange. With that aside...does anyone have any thoughts on the program or know anything about it? No one has really been able to tell me anything so far, and even friends of mine who went undergrad at SVA have literally heard nothing about it. If anyone has any info at all...even thoughts on the reputation, or whatever you have heard, I would love to hear so it can help me make a decision.

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I think that your case is most likely this: You were on the waitlist and some schools don't really disclose their waitlist.

when a space becomes available, they send an email to the applicant that they have expanded an admission to you.

Most schools send out their first admission mail sets to initially admitted students, then they send waitists to the potential admitted students.

some school don't send waitlist until very end.

I think someone turned the school's offer down at the very last, and you were just picked up as an alterate.

As far as I am concerned, most schools don't particularly notify waitlisted students about their final dicision unless they need to call someone up.


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