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Do i have any chances at all for the MPA program


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Hello people,

I plan to take up the MPA ID considering my interest in international affairs.However, i am a little anxious considering that i have been working in the private sector as a Business consultant for the past 5 years post my MBA. My profile snapshot is as below:

Educational qualitfication (from India): Bachelor of engineering, MBA

Professional qualification (Pre MBA) : 2 years as a trainer

Professional qualification (Post MBA) : 5 years in Management consulting

Social welfare work involved in : As a Freemason i have been involved with a lot of charitable projects as a volunteer for the past 6 years viz. old age homes, pediatric cancer patients cell, mid day meals schemes etc

Interests : Golf, international affairs

I have been able to shortlist only 2 universities so far being HKS-Midcareer professionals MPA and LSE - MPA ID. Is GMAT / GRE an absolute must for the MPA courses?Also, since i do not have a full-time background on the social side as most of you have (my undergrad was in engineering) do you think my chances will be one in a million chances of getting in? The only social cause work i have been able to do is as a volunteer considering my Freemasonry background past 6 years.Should i understand right, i need to have my SOPs and the references ready and sent by December which does not leave me with much time left at all. Another honest question is , my quant & economics is pretty weak, do you think it might be very difficult for me to cope up with the course study? And finally, can you advise me some universities i can look at where GMAT/GRE is not mandatory?

Sincerely urge you to help me out with this

Warm regards,


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Hi Axay,

I just got accepted onto the Harvard mid-career mpa. I have a mostly private background (consulting for one of the big 4) but most of my clients were public sector/government. I think that those from a private background can still earn a place - you just have to really stress your interest in public service and why you want to do it i.e. relate it to your future career and aspirations. You just about have enough experience for it (similar to me) so you have to show the depth of your experience also.

Also unfortunately the Harvard MPA does require the GRE/GMAT. Don't worry about the scores too much. If you get a good quant score maybe it can make up for your previous quant/econ scores etc.

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