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polyphasic sleep


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I've never done strict polyphasic sleep, but in high school, I purposely disrupted my sleep cycle so I could work nights. I slept on the bus, in class, and took a nap before dinner.

I managed like this for about five years, until my sophomore year of college. Then my body gave me the finger, and I began sleeping for twenty hours a day. It was months before I could function again, and my endocrine system was a bit touchy for a few years after that. And to this day, I am utterly incapable of staying awake through a seminar - no matter how interesting the topic, or how caffeinated I am - because I'm conditioned to think this is sleepytime.

I wouldn't do it again. I'm totally envious of those mutants who can get by on a few hours' sleep...I'm just not one of them.

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I used to work night shift on a drill rig so I would fall asleep when things weren't busy on the job (sounds safe, yes?). I worked 12 hour shifts and didn't get much sleep when I was off work so I was hoping that I could mitigate the effects of my short rest period by napping during work (my boss didn't care as long as things were going smoothly). It didn't work for me because when I nap, regardless of what time I choose to nap at, I feel like I was hit by a truck when I wake up. Napping makes me feel absolutely horrid.

My girlfriend on the other hand, is somehow able to fall asleep within 30 seconds ANY time she wants and feels great after her nap. I have noooo idea how she does it... She's like a little spanish kitten. lol

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