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I am a History major who will graduate in May and I was wondering whether I had a strong enough resume to get in the conversation for fellowships or teaching assistantships. My goal is a Public History or History M.A. program, at schools like Indiana University-Bloomington, IUPUI, UW-Milwaukee, Auburn, South Carolina, etc. I understand it's hard to tell me anything without knowing the quality of my letters of recommendation or personal statements, but I feel very confident about both of those, so I just wanted to know if my vitals put me in the game or not.

GPA: 3.72, Major GPA: 3.91

GRE: 1260-1460 (590-690V, 670-770Q)

I also have had a good background of tutoring/helping to teach history classes primarily in archival research, so I'm helping that helps in considering assistantship awards.

I know this is pretty general, but I just want to know if I have a chance at getting some money from these schools.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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Generally for those kind of things, you do want to have the best GPA and GRE scores possible. At doctoral granting institutions like Indiana, doctoral students get the first dibs at TA-ships and fellowships because those are part of their financial aid packages. It's possible to get them but... you'll have to ask for the real deal.

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students in terminal MA programs (rather than combined MA/PhD programs) are the bottom of the totem pole for funding at most schools. your stats position you well for acceptance at those programs, but you'll have to ask each program if funding will be an option for you.

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Thank you for your replies. I realize at schools that offer M.A. programs as part of a PhD program would be less likely to give me funding. These schools however have dedicated public history programs that I know give funding each year to students in M.A. programs.

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