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Advanced Standing, 16 month, or 2 year... How to decide and where to apply?! HELP ME!


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So i'm looking at applying to UNC, Columbia, and LSU and could use some feedback. I'm from LA and am using LSU as my back-up choice but i'm really struggling on UNC and Columbia.. and I don't know which program to apply for. I've recently heard that if you do the Advanced Standing program you will miss out on some experience and internships and i'm not sure if that's wise anymore.

These are my questions:

-What would you pick, UNC or Columbia (magically assuming they both accept you)?

-What would you suggest AS, 16 month, or 2yr?

- What other schools would you suggest?

If you go to UNC or got into UNC or happen to have any knowledge ABOUT UNC... PLEASE inform me of what their GRE requirements are because I took it last week and it did NOT go well :(. Also, how much do they base the GRE off of because I have a solid GPA but I don't foresee myself magically kicking ass when I retake it!?

I would love any feedback because i'm driving myself crazy with trying to figure these things out. I can't be the only one stressing about these things right?

Thanks in advance for you comments (please leave some),


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