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To which Religion field/discipline are you applying? (Poll)


To which Religion field/discipline are you applying?  

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  1. 1. To which Religion field/discipline are you applying?

    • Comparative/"World" Religions (i.e. Asian Religions)
    • Culture, Gender, and/or Sexuality
    • Ethics
    • Historical Studies/ Religious Literature,
    • Hebrew Bible
    • New Testament
    • Philosophy of Religion
    • Sociology or Anthropology of Religion
    • Textual Language (Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, etc.)
    • Theology

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So I start off apologizing. I am interested in what fields of study most people are interested in, and I am maddeningly bored by waiting for any news on applications. I ask this question assuming multiple, complex identities beyond such "common designations", and noting the objection that "Religion" is philosophically modern notion that cannot be more than perhaps a Wittgensteinian family-resemblance term. This is why I absolutely love this field. No simple questions without myriad objections, clarifications, and disclaimers! :D

If I neglected your discipline, I am sorry...maybe you should post more often so I would remember it! I almost forgot "ethics", so I probably forgot a few major fields. Sorry ethicists.

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The poll only allows 10 spots unfortunately... but professional ministry is (hopefully) a form of practical theology... so I guess theology would be the appropriate category (I hope theology isn't just the academic study of dusty concepts!).

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