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I need some help! :(


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I'm in my last year of BSc undergrad and I'm really looking into applying to the Master's programs in public health.

I realized in the last few years that what I really want to do is disease prevention, health promotion, population health... all that public health stuff!

So I was looking at some of the MPH programs but I really don't get much info anywhere so I'm hoping someone can help mefrown.gif

Right now I'm looking at:

- MPH in University of Toronto

- MPH in Simon Fraser university

- MsPH in McGill

- MSc santé communautaire in UdeM

- MSc santé communautaire in Laval

- Possibly MSc Epidemio in UOttawa? (I'm not really sure if this will be much of public health stuff)

I have no clue what are my chances to get in (what kind of GPA/CGPA do I need to get in?)

Usually the universities websites say around 75% average but is that really the case or in reality is it much higher than that to actually get accepted?

And which university is known to be the best? I'm a resident of Quebec so I do prefer to go to a university in Qc (so much cheaper) but I wouldn't mind going to the "best known" one for Public Health in Canada.

I'm wondering if it's possible to do a PhD after doing a MPH if I ever want to do research in health science/population health/community healthconfused.gif

Also, can I apply for CIHR scholarships if I go to MPH? Since the programs are course-based (and a "practicum") I'm not too sure if I can apply for CIHR.

Thank you for reading!


After having some answers from another forum, I'm adding some info about me:

I was going to apply for UofT's MPH program specialized in health promotion but since many people say their cutoff is about 3.7/4, I'm not too sure I'll even apply now.

My university works on the 10 scale and my CGPA will be about 8 at graduation I think and for my last two years DGPA I'm thinking it will be around 8.5 or so...

I don't really have a work experience in the public health area, I've just started working part-time at the Ottawa Public Health last August :S.

At least I'll have a research experience (for the Honours BSc) in health sciences and two strong ref letters.

But overall I don't think I have very strong experience background. frown.gif

So do I even stand a chance?? or I might just save myself the application fees.

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