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Northeastern U + SMFA, anyone know anything?


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The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston collaborates with Tufts in an MFA program, which is widely recognized. Northeastern U apparently does the same thing, but they provide two options:

MFA at Northeastern

MFA at Northeastern in collaboration with SMFA

My questions are:

1) Does anyone know anything about the MFA program that's just at Northeastern?

2) If I'm applying to SMFA+Tufts, is it redundant to apply to SMFA+Northeastern?

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Well, in case anyone else is ever wondering, I finally got through to Northeastern's offices and had some questions answered.

Northeastern's MFA is in its 4th year, and largely focuses on the digital arts and time-based media (they don't encourage painting/sculpture/etc). The studio component of Northeastern's collaboration with SMFA is identical to Tuft's SMFA program, and there is a place for painting and the such; academics are then of course taken at the collaborating university. A portfolio submitted to Northeastern for the SMFA program first has to pass Northeastern's review, and if approved, is then sent along to SMFA for review.

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