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Anyone planning to apply for Middle East history?


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Hi, as it is clear in the title of the topic, I was wondering if there are some others who apply for Middle East history. Last year, when I was checking here regularly, I do remember several of them who applied and got accepted. But this year I doubt there is someone other than me.

If you hear me, what stage are you in now? What are you interested in? Time period, region?

I'd like to share anything special to our field.

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I'm applying to PhD programs in Middle Eastern History. I'm also applying to one history program with a thematic major field and one Middle Eastern Studies program. I'm interested in the social and cultural history of modern Egypt, comparative gender, comparative colonialisms, identity, Arab women's movements, and the history and historiography of sexuality and violence.


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i'm applying to do israeli history, which falls in the cracks of jewish history and middle east history. lot's of politics there. but hi! yes! i exist! I also want to study the middle east broadly - taking arabic now and am fluent in hebrew.

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