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Do you included pictures/figures with your Writing Sample?


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Hi all,

I am submitting my final chapter of my undergrad thesis for my writing sample. Trouble is it includes a lot of references to pictures...do I submit them as well? I mean its art history - wouldn't the profs want to see the artworks you are talking about?

I have no idea what to do!

Thank you in advance!


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This question is driving me crazy too! Some of the apps say directly in the instructions NOT to include pictures, so for those ones, I think it is probably best to follow their instructions. In some cases, If you're dying to give them your pictures or a bigger writing sample, you can ask to mail a hard copy to them (but I think it is always best to err on the safe side my following the instructions they give you). Some of the apps make the writing sample size limit so ridiculously small that there is not way to include pictures (I'm looking at you, 500kb limit). I think my solution to the issue was just to include my pages of figures from the end of my paper with the all text and a note where the pictures would be "This image was removed to accommodate the application size limit, please contact _ for a full copy."

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