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When you take the GRE now do you see your scores in old scale or new?


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Hi all,

This may seem like a silly question...but since the new scores are out I assume at the end of the test you will see your scores (or score range?) on the new scale rather than then a score range from the old scale?

I am taking the test on Nov 10th and I'm trying to figure out what I will see at the end.



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Unfortunately, this won't be the case. It's doubtful that your scores will be release prior to December; and they have said that even when they move back to a "regular" score reporting schedule, it will still take approximately 10-15 days for a score.

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I took the test today and I was surprised to find that the scores were actually given in the new format at the end of the test. I'm not sure however if these are the official scores.

It gave me the following:

Verbal: 167

Quantitative: 157

Hope that helps!

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Took mine today and it gave me my scores (which were disappointing) in the new format: V159/Q153 (my pretests were all higher than that in the low/mid 160's)

However, the scores have not shown up on the ETS website yet so hopefully these are not the final scores.


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Took the test today and got scores in the new format V 166 / Q 159. That Q is awful since I'm in engineering. I think it may have had something to do with me going to the bathroom during the first Q section and needing to rush to finish it.

I almost hope these are the real scores because I can't afford my Q to go any lower.

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