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We probably need more information about your research activities, strength of recommendation letters, etc. before giving you advice.

In this context, GRE Scores are not very important - but it really depends on your other qualifications.

I'm also interested in Cloud Computing... so we can discuss this if you'd like.

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Hi anacorn,

Thanks a lot for your reply. My research papers are are:

  • " Enhancing Service Design in ERP Systems using Patterns", The INFOS International Conference (INFOS 2010), Cairo, Egypt. This paper is archived under IEEE eXplore.
  • "Applying Service Oriented Architecture on Enterprise Resource Planning Environment", International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering (SEDE-2008), Los Angeles, USA, July 2008.

About the recommendation letters, I have 2 from my supervisors and one from my head of my department.

My GPA is 3.59 and I am ranked the third over the department, I am teaching assistant at computer science faculty - Cairo University as well.

Thanks and waiting your reply


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Its good that you have research experience and have already published. However, SEDE and INFOS are unknown conferences so they may not carry as much weight. Your chances will also depend on the recommendation letters, especially how well known the supervisors/head of department are and whether they are able to write (in detail) about your ability to do research. I can't comment on how Cairo University's grading scheme (i.e. your GPA) compares to universities here.

With this in mind, If you factor in the competitiveness of admissions for international students, I would say that your chances are small. However, you should still apply to  because a lot depends on (1) strength of this years applicant pool, (2) Number of faculty in Cloud/Distributed looking for students, and (3) How the admissions committees view your publications in SEDE/INFOS and your GPA.

You should  look at colleges like: University of Tennessee Knoxville, Northwestern University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Indiana University. These universities are active in Cloud/Distributed and may be worth a shot. good luck!

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