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Application done, email to Professor in Science...


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Hi, I have a different type of question I can't quite seem to find the answer for... In my major, you typically need a professor to take you into their lab before even applying to the school. I have done all this, emailing professors and finding ones with interest in me. I have completed all of my application requirements at this point and it has been a month since I submitted and talked with these professors. I feel like I should send them a friendly follow up email to let them know I am still interested and thinking about their program and project, and to keep my name fresh in their mind (In the decision process for them wanting me in their lab). Is this a good idea? How would I write this email without sounding cheesy? Any ideas would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

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My plan is to e-mail all of the professors that I've been in contact with and let them know that my application has been submitted, etc. One of them told me to do that so he could "put in an informal recommendation," so I figure it couldn't hurt with the others.

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