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Can't believe it! I can't even apply for UCSD because of this ridiculous reason...


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and that being its IRPS School requires a GRE AW of 5.0 or above!

My impression is that most people here agree that the AW score is quite irrelevant to the application. But apparently IRPS doesn't think so.

My GRE verbal and quant are both at 94%, GPA at 4.0 from a top-5 school in the field, with a master thesis on Korean political economy. So I guess a reputable school like UCSD with 'Pacific Studies' as part of its name should be a good place to apply for. Yet, years of hard work and achievement are worthless just because I get a 4.0AW in GRE. Is is just me who think that this policy is not very intelligent?

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The IR/PS PhD program isn't really taking in new students. If that is your goal, apply to the pol sci PhD program. Get to know IR/PS faculty and transfer in during your second or third year. Again, it is my understanding that they aren't accepting any new applicants anyway.

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