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Grad School Choices and Chances


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I am applying for a second round for a Masters in Computer Science, this year i applied to 6 schools,

University of Virginia (reject),

Virginia Tech (reject),

University of Maryland (reject),

Old Dominion University (accept, funding not assured),

Midwestern State University (funding $1000 small, instate tuition also),

University of Texas, Arlington (Phd, Asked to resubmit as transcripts did not come in time)

Well all the top schools rejected. I am applying again to just 4 schools this time around namely:

University of Alberta, Canada,

Syracuse University,

University of Notre Dame,


What are my chances of getting funding from any of the 3 mentioned universities and which one would you suggest that i add as the 4th. Thanks.

This is my Profile:

GRE V - 610

GRE Q - 720

AWA - 4.5

GPA - 2.97/4.0


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Funding at the master's level is not common for US schools. Alberta does offer funding to some (most?) Master's students so if you're looking for funding at the Master's level, then Alberta would be your best bet of the list I think. Your GPA might be cause for concern for the admissions committees - do you have any research experience? Also what area in Computer Science are you interested in?

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I would apply locally. You aren't going to get funding from a low-end masters program, especially with that GPA and GRE Q score. Might as well save money by paying instate tuition.

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Funding also depends on your faculty member's funding levels.

Here's one at SFU who's actively recruiting for fully-funded MSc students to start in 2012 because he has that many projects. (One of his recent PhDs is now working at facebook, another is a junior faculty member in the US.)

Tuition at SFU is approx $4,900/year, no differential for US/international students, so that might be another attractive incentive.

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