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Columbia Deadline Extension -- December 15th

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The deadline hasn't changed since September. Did you apply to Columbia last year or research them in the spring? Are you're confusing them with NYU?

I hate to break this news to you, but NYU's deadline is December 1st, so you should start freaking out again! [unless you are only applying for the M.A., then you have until January 13th].


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I think it might be. I looked up all the deadlines in the summer too and could have sworn NYU was DEC. 15th, but since I lose everything, I looked them all up again in September and was just as surprised then as you are now. I thought I had mis-remembered, but if you also thought it was Dec. 15th, then maybe it changed? It's too bad I'm such a good citizen, or I might be the only person applying :)

Double check my link and make sure I'm not applying to the wrong department or something.


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