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Past Course Content, (Finding details re:)

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Good People of the Grad Cafe World:

I have a question for those of you who've had to submit course lists.

One of my public affairs programs requests a list of courses and their relevant info. like:

course number


principal textbook; author

description of course content

Considering that I obtained my BA in 2007, and that I don't have access to all of my syllabi, might any one of you have suggestions as to the best way to determine inaccessible info. like "principal textbook" without blasting an email to the many professors I once had?

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I'd go to your UG's website, look up the courses in their current iteration, and see if the syllabi were available on line. You might find that some classes are pretty much the same or you might find information that activates your long term memory.

I'd also consult your old notes.

Rather than emailing professors, you might contact their departments. Professors do not place the orders for course materials to campus bookstores -- departmental administrators do.

More generally, I suggest that you and everyone else to make a practice of holding on to every piece of paper one gets, distributes, or produces (either a hard copy or a digital copy). Make the assumption that you're going to set the world on fire with your scholarship and that one day you yourself will be a subject of study. (Or, at the very least that you'll need to patch together hastily a syllabus of your own.)

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