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interview advice?


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You might want to check out the applyingtograd LJ comm. There are a lot of examples of general questions that interviewers ask in the memories section, though not specific to Soc. I had an informal phone interview where the prof asked about my research interests, what I want to do after I get my degree, why I wanted to go into these particular fields. Then he asked if I had any questions, so you might want to think up one or two. Good luck!!

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I haven't had a sociology interview, but I did just have a counseling interview this morning and there's one point which I'm pretty sure is easy to generalize...make sure to have questions to ask the professors at least. They always left time for me to ask about the program, and 2 of the individual meetings were solely for me to ask questions. If I hadn't had any, I would've been blank for a 20 minute period, so just make sure to have some in your head beforehand :) That's all I have that's general though. :)

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