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Can I File the FAFSA By Myself?

Rachel B

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Several of the graduate schools I'm applying to require the FAFSA. For my undergrad I've always filed with my father since I'm his dependent and he has helped me finance my undergrad tuition. However, financing graduate school is going to be completely on me, so am I able to file the FAFSA by myself?

I realize that if I file with him I'll be losing potential financial aid since it'll take both of our income into account. But at the same time I'm still his dependent when he files taxes.

Any insight would be helpful!

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Pretty sure if you're a dependent on taxes that you will have to file FAFSA with him, but I'm not positive. There's an age cutoff too, from what I recall.

You're likely to get more exact information by contacting the financial aid office at your current school- they might be able to help you figure it out.

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