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Specializing in Reading Disorders / Language-Based Learning Disabilities


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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to have some light shed on the development of specializations within SLP. I'm applying to a few state colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area which don't appear to offer any specialization, and I'm having a hard time finding programs that offer an opportunity to specialize in Reading Disorders (which is what I'm most interested in).

I'm gathering that the M.A. programs prepare you for working with clients who have a broad spectrum of speech-language issues, and that you need to develop a specialization by pursuing continued learning classes after graduating. Is that correct?



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There are only few SLP programs providing your specialization, and during my research with different schools, I only found MGH in Boston with a reading specialty(http://www.mghihp.edu/academics/communication-sciences-and-disorders/degree-options/master-of-science-speech-language-pathology/default.aspx).

Schools in CA offer limited specializations, if you really want to acquire more knowledge in that field during the master study, I recommend go with the best program not the geographical location.

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