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Barron vs Kaplan


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Hi, Im about to purchase an online GRE preparation program. Im torn between Barron and Kaplan. So far, there have been good reviews on Barrons. However, I just called them today, and I got transferred 5 times on the phone until no one was answering. No one in this company could give me info about the GRE prep. Meanwhile, Kaplan has been efficient.

Barrons is cheaper I believe, and as it claimed on the website, their program lasts for 6 months compared to Kaplan's 3 months. I tried Barron's free online Gre prep, and there are errors on the scoring....

Anyone had any experience from either one? Thanks!!!

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I used Barrons, and in my case, each and every word was from Barrons. May be I got lucky. English is not my first language, but I had a decent score (93%) in verbal for engineering programs.

I would go for Barrons and ETS official guide, if you are still seeking advice.

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