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American student interested in University of British Columbia

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Hello, everyone. I'm an American student at Eastern Kentucky Univeristy. I'm a senior, and I'll be graduating next December. I've recently started thinking about graduate schools, and a number of Canadian schools have piqued my interest. UBC is the one I'm most interested in, but I'm not totally sure if I have what it takes to get in.

Currently I am working on a bachelor's degree in Spanish and Women and Gender Studies, but at the graduate level I want to complete a program in Higher Education. I am a non-traditional student, and this has had somewhat of an effect on my GPA. When I left my previous school at the age of 20, I had a 2.47 GPA. Since I've been at EKU, I've raised my cumulative to a 3.31. My EKU GPA is a 3.93, with my GPA in Spanish being a 3.8 and my GPA in WGS being a 4.0. I still have two semesters to raise my cumulative, so I expect to graduate with at least a 3.4. I typically make a 4.0 every semester, but I made one B one semester, so my lowest GPA has been a 3.8.

I haven't taken the GRE yet (I plan on doing so this summer), but I know that it's not a requirement for UBC, so obviously it won't affect my chances. I know that when going to graduate school, many programs look for experience in the field in which you are interested, as well as good recommendations. I have great recommendations, including one from the chair of my department. As far as experience goes, I am really trying to gain experience and network with members of my current university. I currently work as a peer mentor, and the main component of this job is doing hands-on work with the most at-risk students at our university. I am a liaison to two different orientation courses, and both of these courses are designed for students with one or more developmental courses. I speak to them every two weeks on a variety of topics, ranging from study habits, to social life on college campuses, to various services available on our campus. I also work directly as a liaison with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the departments of Foreign Language/Humanities and Women and Gender Studies. Another element of my job is that I offer tutoring services in Spanish, Women and Gender Studies, as well as general help with writing and editing essays.

I am a member of several different organizations on campus, but they don't necessarily reflect my future career goals, so I'm not sure if they're an asset to me in terms of getting into graduate school. So basically, I think that my work experience and references will work in my favor, but my current 3.31 GPA might harm my chances of being accepted. Does anyone know anything in particular about the Higher Education program at UBC? What do you think my chances are of getting in? I'm sorry this is so long-winded, but I just want to know if I have much of a shot at all.

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Because you've done way better at your new school, you can simply explain that in your Statement of Purpose/Cover Letter. Just kindly mention that youve done much better at your new school and its rapidly prepared you for improvement/working better. They're going to care a lot more about your last 2 years then your first two years. Important though: UBC typically wants TWO copies of EVERY transcript, so make sure you have 2 copies from your first school when its time to apply.

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All of the admissions requirements for the Master's Higher Ed program at UBC, can be found here:


This is the part that really stands out to me as being important:

"As well as evaluating all components of your application, we must be convinced by the statement of intent that your academic interests are congruent with those of the department, that your background is adequate for graduate work in your area of interest, and that the department and university possess the necessary resources for you to complete the degree. An Educational Studies faculty member in your area of interest must be willing to become your adviser."

I'd just like to add that UBC is an excellent university (I did one of my Bachelor's degrees there). I had a wonderful experience, and I'd highly recommend the university! :D

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