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  1. This might just be my last blog post here on The Grad Cafe, and it is an exciting turn of events. How I went from a 'decaf' lurker to a Master's Student is certainly a trek I will not soon forget. I still wake up some days just wondering how I got into such a great program when everyone just seemed to out-qualify me, but there are those days when I feel confident, happy and ready. I am ready. I'm still not 100 percent positive with what I want to do with my life, but I know I want to get my Masters and I know I am happy with the program I am in. I still wish my Japanese was better, I still
  2. I leave for Vancouver Canada on August 15th, 2012 at around 7:20 AM from Newark Liberty International Airport and land at around 10:30 AM local time. August cannot come soon enough. Everything is falling in place, and the more I get done, the longer each day becomes. Its just like how it was when I was six and it was 3 days from Christmas... the waiting game is a horrible one. I've been in contact with my school - The University of British Columbia - and my program - Masters of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies - and I seem to be on track. I've picked all the classes I want to register f
  3. I can't get public assistance because I live at home with my parents who claim me as a dependent XD They let me live at home and buy my food, but I'm paying for grad school on my own So I will ahve to go into repayment starting July. But if I can't find a job, I will do unemployment forbearance if I still can't find a job If I CAN find a job, I'll pay.] Right now I need enough money to pay for my plane ticket to Vancouver ($400) and first month's rent ($500-750, don't get loan until September 4th, rent due September 1st). And to pay my loan repayments, which should be ($300 per month, or
  4. In Japan, universal health care only costed me around 10 dollars a month, b ecause I made little to no income. In Canada, its default something like 60 a month? Plus a flat rate at some point, I think. Its cheaper because I'm a university student. I can stay on my parents insurance because, like you said, I"m under 16, but using American insurance in a foreign country is only suppose to be for emergencies and it doesn't cover as much as it would in the United States. Its more for like... "oops, broke my leg!" I think haha. But I don't mind if my parents keep paying But they might haha.
  5. Thanks haha XD My parents drive me insane, I'm a very independent person when it comes to my living conditions. Seton Hall is only affordable for me if I live at home But your suggestion would make great sense otherwise. I know it might be the wrong decision 20 years from now when I'm paying off UBC's debt, but for right now I think its the best decision XD
  6. So now that I've been accepted into both the schools I applied for (Still in shock), its time for me to figure everything else out - like how to get to school, how to pay for school, etc. I went to a Seton Hall "Meet the Dean and Faculty" meeting, which was a big mistake. Since the beginning I was pretty set on going to UBC, but this meeting gave Seton Hall a fighting chance. After they introduced the faculty and staff and discussed what they were studying and such, they brought on the students. Those undergrads at the Whitehead school are so much better then me. They all had beyond-impres
  7. I really hope you the best! I'm sorry it didn't perfectly work out! I wish you the absolute best.
  8. I'm so excited. But September is so far away!!!
  9. Bah we could have been Whitehead friends. So sad T_T. Whitehead is a great school, and New jersey is an awesome place to live (ignore the show "Jersey Shore"). The only reason I'm not going is because if I went there I would need to double-degree (Asian Studies + whitehead), where as with UBC I can just do both with one degree XD I wish you the luck! I hope you get into white head!
  10. I. Did. It~ I am officially done with the application period for 2012! Summary: I initially set off with the idea of applying to about 5-6 schools, but once I realized that application fees were around $100 each, I backed off fast. And then when I found TheGradCafe things just got worse. I saw the pure competitive nature of getting into on of the top 10 MPA schools and just gave up. I had a strong GPA and undergraduate background, but no policy work experience. So with that thinking, I settled onto two schools. Seton Hall University: SHU has a reputation of being one of the better scho
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