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Will my 'Class Rank' Hurt My Chances?

Rachel B

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I go to a small liberal arts college and I noticed that starting this past semester my school began putting class ranks on our transcripts. I don't have a bad GPA by any means, it's actually a 3.34. But my class rank (based solely on GPA) is in the bottom half of my class.

What frustrates me is that they're basically comparing apples to oranges to pears. To me it seems incredibly silly to compare geology majors to art history majors to economic majors, especially since some majors are certainly more challenging. With this in mind, is my class rank going to hurt my chances for grad school programs? Or is this just a silly number towards the bottom of my transcript?

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I don't think it will necessarily hurt you, but it seems to indicate that there is a lot of grade inflation at your college. I think if the adcomms were concerned, they would see if your recommenders addressed the issue

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