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What if somebody else got their interview invitation weeks ago...


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One of the programs I applied to has sent out invitations to interview two weeks ago. I haven't heard anything back and I'm somehow more apprehensive now than I was before. I had a nice email exchange with one of the faculty who said they'd be on the lookout for my application. It's a smaller program, so somehow I don't think they could have taken this long to go through all the applications...

So now I'm thinking of going to the admissions office tomorrow and asking in person. Is this inappropriate? Is there something I should ask specifically to get any clues?

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I have to disagree...

I know I personally got a lot of piece of mind by emailing (and in one case calling) the admissions offices at schools that I realized had already sent out some invites. I simply asked whether all interview invitations had already been extended, and I was given kind answers from each of the admissions coordinators. Although none of the schools I've applied to have sent out official rejections yet, I was able to find out early I was not getting an invite from several. So many of the neuro programs have already made decisions on invites (or are making them this week), yet most official rejections are not sent out until later February or March... at least for me, knowing sooner than that has been pretty important in figuring out Plan B.

PS: I do feel that going to the admissions office and asking in person is inappropriate, but email or phone is quite acceptable.

PPS: Good luck!

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I emailed and asked about invites and got a response the next day saying they were still reviewing applications. No one had posted they received one for my particular program, but several interview posts were from the same graduate school.

I think if you have seen posts of others in your program getting them, just politely ask. I think it would be okay.

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