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Website vs. Email

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Hello, all!

I apologize if this has been answered previously, but I did not find in the forum when searched, and I may just be too anxious/out of my mind to see it.

I see some people obsessively refreshing the website, awaiting their school's decision. Would a school update their site without emailing the candidate first? In other words, should I be checking my website status daily rather than just waiting for an emaii or an envelope?

Also, what website are you all checking? The one with which you applied (like applyyourself)? Will it go from "submitted" to "accepted" or something?

Thanks... I am fully aware it's a stupid question, but I just need something to keep my finger from pressing that "refresh" button on my email. I am starting to carry around my iPhone charger, since it's always running out of battery now! LOL

Best of luck to you all, and thanks again!


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To the OP, you could look into Mophie's juice pack cases for your iPhone. ;) It's a lifesaver.

& I'm unfortunately guilty of updating my status page like 5x a day. I need to get down to checking once a day, after 5p since obviously it won't change if no one's working, but it's hard when it's so accessible...

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