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Museum Studies and GRE


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Can anyone speak to the kinds of GRE scores one might need to get into grad school for an MA in Museum Studies? Specifically NYU or Columbia if possible? I just took the GRE today and I'm wondering if my verbal score is adjacent to others who have gotten in in the past.... Thanks!!

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Your best bet is to call admissions and see if they can give you statistics from last year's accepted applicants.

I applied to UCLA's Moving Image Archive Studies program.

I assume 500-550 on verbal is okay. I heard 150-155 on new gre is the equivalent or what is considered average/standard. 160 is exceeds expectations.

I did poorly on the GRE. I got a 145 on verbal. I took it back in Sept when it was discounted. I am thinking of retaking in a couple of weeks. Although, I can't really afford it.

I am already in graduate school at Loyola Marymount University's film production program. I was provisionally accepted until I took the GRE. I had to send in my GRE scores before the semester was over but I was told my admissions essay, GPA, video samples, and recommendations were strong.

I have never done well with standardized tests, yet I've always been a good student. I freak out and I really don't have the patience to sit through a 3 hr test. I'm not going to lie. I rushed through it! Perhaps I can do better if I find some way to focus, but I can't help but think I am wasting $170. I'm trying to get a fee reduction certificate from financial aid since I only have a little work study job working in the library as a special collections and archive assistant.

I already have work experience in the field, excellent writing and research skills, and 3.5 GPA from B.A. Multimedia program . Who knows what the Admissions Committee will think of that horrid score compared to the rest of my application materials?

I actually had a meeting with the program coordinator before I applied. I told him I was worried about the GRE.

He told me they look at the whole package. According to him and the MIAS website, it doesn't look like they weigh it too heavily. It looks like they place greater emphasis on a writing sample. I think it's going to help that one of my recommendations is from a curator who also happens to know and has worked with the program coordinator at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

"The admissions committee does not set a threshold score or percentile for admission; rather the test scores are considered as a part of the entire application dossier."(http://www.mias.ucla.../admissions.htm)

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