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NSF Fellowships in the Geophysical Sciences?


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Has anyone here applied to them in the area? And do they look at the Physics GRE score at all?

I'm just wondering - maybe we could share resources with each other. I've never seen anyone else (on the Internet) apply to them in the field yet.

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I haven't personally applied to any but I was told from a friend of mine who has applied that the Physics GRE isn't looked at.

I'll ask my friend today though and see what he says about the process.

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I know someone who did (atmospheric stuff, like you want to go for)--and who got it--but that was a long time ago. Long ago as in "this person is now a tenured professor." (Yes, I'm older than dirt.)

She didn't take the physics GRE at all; she didn't come in with a physics degree, but rather some sort of engineering.

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