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NYU 2012 English Phd - Interviews? Open House? What's the deal?

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If you are applying to NYU and are even a little obsessive...welcome.

You have no doubt checked the results boards going back a year or two, and you have no doubt noticed that in 2010, NYU seems to have started doing interviews...or some kind of meet and greet at the open house...which may have included only 32-35 students competing for the remaining 9 spots after the unconditional acceptances went out.

You may have also noticed, that in 2010, posters on the results board say that NYU got more applications than usual, which is when this informal interview/open house thing started. However, results posted in 2011 suggests they repeated their open house weekend.

This year, the application deadline was moved up by 2 weeks.

I don't know what any of this means. I just wanted to put it all out there for discussion.

Let the panicking and obsessing begin!!!!

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Definitely panicking and obsessing right along with you!

I noticed recently that they put information about this year's open house on the prospective students page http://english.fas.nyu.edu/object/english.grad.ProspectiveStudents

It looks like the open house is just for admitted students, so hopefully that means a February notification. Can't find any information about whether or not interviews are happening this year...fingers crossed for not, haha.

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Nice find! It seems as though open house is always right around March 3-5 based on old results postings. The sad pattern that emerges from the results board seems to be that many get formal acceptances AFTER the open house. But then, it's too early to even worry, since I have no invite in the first place.

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