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Rejection reason?


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Just received my first notice of rejection today. 1 down, 6 more to go. The question for the forum is this : is there any point in contacting the school to determine a more precise reason than " one of several factors?". I'd like to know, in case none of my schools accept me I can have targets to fix when/if I try again next year, but I'm not sure of the protocol (nor utility/futility) in doing so.

Thoughts out there?

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When you send this inquiry, be specific.

I would kindly phrase the email like, "if I could receive feedback on (insert number between 1-3) areas in which I could improve my portfolio/profile/candidacy/etc I would highly appreciate it"

Key point is to ask for a CONCRETE reason and frame it in the email as improvement.

But also remember, sometimes it comes down to numbers of applicants, so they might give you a silly excuse.

I once got rejected from an on-campus job because I was "unapproachable", when I asked what actual indicators during the interview gave them this impression, I asked, "eye contact? attitude? posture? something I said?" they had no response. Clearly, a silly excuse if they couldn't back it up.

Best of luck!

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I think asking is fine, but I'd wait until March or April when things have cooled down a little bit- you'll be more likely to get better thought out replies.

I'd couch the question as "Can you suggest how I can best go about making myself a more competitive applicant next year?" Often, the committee won't have a distinct "reason" for rejecting you.

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