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Fellow HKS MPP Applicants,

Do you know if the HKS take the fellowship essays into consideration for the admissions decision? If not, why else would they have the financial aid due date before decisions are released? Strange...

Also, has anyone been to visit? If so, who did you meet with (e.g., students, admissions, etc?). Do you think visiting the campus boosts your candidacy in any way?

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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They have the financial aid due date before the decisions are released so that they can give you your funding offer at the same time as or shortly after receiving your admissions offer. That way admits have the chance to mull their choices over considering the price tag. (Besides, if the admissions decision considered the fellowship essays, you wouldn't have two separate applications).

Haven't visited the campus beyond visiting Harvard in general when looking at colleges for undergrad, so I second that question. In general, though, I don't think visiting campus affects your chances in any way, unless a program has special evaluative interviews set aside for that purpose.

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