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how to find companies for a case study


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Hi all,

I'm a Phd Candidate and I'm having big, big troubles in finding companies for some case studies (or at least interviews) I need to do in order to complete my thesis. Does anyone have an idea about how to convince people from companies to get involved in the study? I think of sending some emails, but I have no clue about what I should put inside : a precise description of my work? a general idea only? how long the email should be?

Some help will be highly appreciated....

Thank you all,

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Your best bet would be to ask your academic advisor/dissertation committee. They're most likely to have encountered the issue and have ideas on how to best proceed.

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Thank you, Eigen, for your quick reply. Well, I'm having some difficulties getting proper advice, especially because my advisor is a young professor without connections in the business world. I'm on my own, and it's difficult. Writing to companies in order to convince them to let you study them is a hard task and I also don't know how to do it....Anyway, thank you for your response

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Thank you, Rising_Star,

I'll try your advice on Linkedin. There might be a chance to get some interviews by contacting people there.

What I wanted to know (and fail to express, lol) is the practical side of writing emails to people in order to ask them an interview : what should I put in this email? a general description of my study, or a very precise one?

Thank you again to all of you,


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