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Questions about Aerospace Engineering Master programs


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I go to MIT and I was recently rejected from Georgia Tech. I suspect that this is because my GPA is a bit on a lower side. I am a solid B student. My GPA was hurt a lot by my HASS classes and the required Biology class in Junior year. I got mostly A's in my junior and senior aerospace classes.

I was somewhat expecting to get into Georgia Tech, but when I didn't get in, it was defiantly a wake up call. I applied to University of Michigan and now I'm worried that I won't get into Michigan's Aerospace program in Gas Dynamics.

Has anyone run into this kind of situation? I know at this point it's mid February and I can't do anything but wait, but I would like to know of other people's experience and if anyone on this forum thinks that getting into U Mich is still a possibility for me.

Thank you for reading this. Any thoughts/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I feel like Georgia Tech and Michigan are more or less at the same level. I got a call from a prof at Georgia Tech on Sunday to tell me that I got accepted and he told me that 550 people applied and 150 or so got in. He also told me that 40 of the people that applied had 4.0 GPAs but not all those 40 got in. So it might have been that your GPA was kind of low. Do you have any research experience? Were your GRE scores good?

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My GRE's were very good. Perfectly acceptable scores for an engineering student. I do have some research experience through NASA and my school senior projects.

I feel like everything I have is good, except for my GPA. I asked my professor and he thinks I have a 50/50 chance.

I also think that maybe I was rejected from Georgia Tech because my research experience and background did not quite match up with the lab I applied for. I applied for the combustion computation lab and told them I'm interested while my background is more in aerodynamics/ aeronautics.


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Oh I see. Well you shouldn't feel too bad. That lab that you're talking about is very small so they probably don't take as many people. If your GPA is below a 3.5 it will be tough. But if you have good GREs and excellent letters of rec you might still be able to get into u of m. I worked there last summer as an undergraduate researcher and they always stressed that the letters of recommendation were the most important part of the application.

Best of Luck!

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