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Masters Abroad, PhD in USA?


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Did any of you get your master's overseas and continued to pursue a PhD in the United States? I am thinking of going that route, and I was wondering what your experiences were and if there was any advice you could give me? Anything would help. :)

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I'm Canadian, but did a Sociology MSc in the UK before applying for North American grad school. I'd say you're best off trying to get a funded MA or get into a funded PhD in the US, rather than going into debt. Although for me the UK tuition was a lot more expensive than it would have been in Canada.

Also, I found that a 1 year masters program wasn't really enough to develop the research and relationships with profs that will get you the best reference letters, but I suppose if you really work hard at that it might work out better for you. If LSE is one of the schools you're looking at, you can PM me about that school in particular.

Still waiting to see how good my Masters seems to US grad committees.....

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I'm actually looking at Durham U. Two professors are interested in working with me there, and I've already gotten an acceptance. It's supposed to be an excellent school or I wouldn't bother considering it. It's in the top 100 universities in the world (from various sources) and top 5 in the UK. Would that matter when applying to PhD programs in the US?

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