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How picky should one be


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I've been admitted into a good program with funding (some would say the top, and for 2 closely related fields it is in the top 5), which seems a good fit, but I am having a hard time getting excited.

I did get rejected from the place I really wanted to go to, which - besides being closer to my family and friends (also see: ), is in a much nicer area, and has a better brand name.

I am in an ok job (also far from home), so I could imagine working for another year, saving some, and trying again next season, but as I cannot defer my offer, I will lose it.

(An additional factor is that I only applied to very few schools, and have found some more interesting ones)

As grad school is a big commitment (5 years, little chance of transfer or abort and re-try, once started), and is defining for ones academic career and possibly life (am relatively old as well), I am having a hard time choosing.

What would/will you do (or even better, what did you do, if you made a similar choice last year or before, and did/do you have any regrets?)

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