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  • 2 weeks later...

ok, so maybe I'm just obsessing, but I logged in to check the status of my application, and the website (https://www.grad.washington.edu/applFor ... login.aspx) says:

Application Status: You will receive notification of acceptance or denial by email or postal mail.

I don't remember this being there before, but it's also been a long week, so it might have been there all along... anyone else have the same message and know if it's new or not?

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I logged into my application and can't find the "status" option...can folks point me in the right direction?

log in

click update on the right

then you see:

Applicant name:

Application ID (please include this number in correspondence with UW):

Selected graduate program:


Application for (quarter, year):

Date Application Submitted on Web:

Application Deadline:

Application Status: You will receive notification of acceptance or denial by email or postal mail. Application Complete: The department has confirmed that it has received all necessary application information including letters, transcripts, test scores, and other required items.

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"Thank you for your application to the University of Washington Graduate School. Your file has been carefully reviewed by the graduate admissions committee in the Sociology (PhD) program.

Unfortunately, I must notify you that the committee has decided not to recommend your admission and I have accepted that decision. The number and quality of graduate applicants to the University of Washington is extraordinary and these difficult decisions are reached through careful consideration of all applicants to a given program. In many cases, enrollment restrictions are also a factor, limiting our ability to accept all qualified applicants.

If you should have questions regarding the reasons for this decision, they should be directed to the graduate program.

I wish you well in your future educational endeavors."

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funding details pico? and was it a personal e-mail?

Yes, it was a personal email with recruitment weekend details attached. Funding is vague: currently is about $1500/month for TAing, but they expect it to be a little higher in 2009-10. It's renewed annually.

I'm very excited about this... definitely one of my top choices. It takes the edge off some of the less good news I've received :)

Best of luck to those still waiting!

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Oh, also:recruitment weekend the 3-4 of April

That's great... I had heard that the weekend was cut through my contacts there, so my guess is they somehow pulled together some more $$ at the last minute (which probably explains why it's a month later than past years)!

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Congratulations Pico! I just got an acceptance email as well, with a fellowship offer (about $1500/month, like the TA position).

Not sure if I'll take them up on it (waiting to hear about a fellowship from another school), but it's great to have options.

Good luck to all those still waiting to hear!

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If it helps, the email I got was sent out at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon, so they might be sending out another batch Friday morning. They seem to have sent out a round of rejections already (three posted on the results board), so if you haven't heard either way there's a good chance you're still in the running.

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Thanks for the info, waitinginohio. I guess I'll wait for that "dear applicant" letter. Why don't they just send emails, like the rejections and acceptances? I don't get it. I think admissions committees must be closet sadists. :twisted: So mean!

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I got the same letter, waitinginohio. Have you contacted anyone about funding possibilities? I'm wondering if we will be offered funding if the funded applicants decline the offer, or are we basically SOL for the whole first year no matter what?

Also, it doesn't sound like they're offering to pay for the visitation weekend either.

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