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Community and Regional Planning at UT Austin


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I saw several acceptances to this program today. Any of the accepted applicants cares to share their stats? I applied there to, but I haven't been informed of the results yet. Also, did any of you get any funding or is funding to come later?

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For future reference, I graduated from there last may; my stats were 3.24 undergrad gpa, 570 v, 670 q, and my writing score was just atrocious (despite being a decent writer!). The CRP program really looks for diversity and passion more than any other factors.

Oh, and they tend to give funding predominately to "diverse" students. But if you need funding, and you ask for it once you get there, you will probably be rewarded. RAs are hard to come by, and TAs are most often given to PhD students, and a select few MS students. But they seem to give waivers away like candy.

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