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  1. I'm still going crazy..... I so a wave of acceptance today from the Urban Planning dept... Ok.. maybe it was only 2, but still I did not get an e-mail lol.. I'm on the wait list for Penn (Raises Gun to Head) I love CORNELL and I'm in... But Columbia may be a better fit for me, but they are really really really killing me... I'm in so many other places, but geese this is the last one and the first one I submitted almost ....
  2. After months of waiting to hear back from Penn Design yesterday was the big day!! Hooo RAYYYY .. Yeah no biggie .. B/C they had me up all night waiting till 12 for this o so big announcement only to tell me I was #WAITLISTED>........ Excuse me?!?! Ok.... I get that maybe there are a number of qualified applicants, but why make me wait .... It's like I want you to be on my team because I don't want you to play against me, but right now I have some better players and you don't have the skills, nor am I going to allow you develop them with me..... I'm grateful, but can SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I KEEP GETTING HIT WITH THE WL..... I'VE RECEIVED A NUMBER OF Acceptance letter and only two denials and now this wait list thing to my top two schools..... Is there anyone that shares my feelings..
  3. I thought they would send out response around the same time as Penndesign , but I guess I was wrong. This is really crazy though because the open house and housing arrangements are already limited given the time period till August.
  4. I looked on the website today for the Urban Planning Program and there is a small note that say the announcements will be made the first week of April..... Guess there our answer is ....
  5. Hey guys! I have read a ton into the wait list process on various websites and forums, but I have not seen a true breakdown. I learned that there are two types of wait list ranked and unranked.... SOOOOOO My question is if your on the list once spots become available is it a free for all as to who get the spot...... I just want to know what my chances really are with this program and I'm not really understanding! Can anyone help???
  6. I saw some dated post of people who applied to Cornell University and got wait listed. Did anyone ever get in??? How does it work... once they figure out how many spots they got.... They just randomly send a e - mail to everyone on the list and its first come??
  7. Thanks, I looked and I was like this can't be real! lol Well I guess that is what I will do.
  8. I have found this site amongst others to be very resourceful when looking for multiple sourced information. Does anyone know anything about the planning program at Boston University (Good, Bad, Indifferent)? I've search all over the place including the guides from Platizen, US News, and Etc. but only one has even mentioned it. Can someone provide some insight our experience ....I know it's BU, but that aren't accredited with the ACSP or PAB this made me a bit edgy yet a lot of schools feel indifferent towards these agencys ....Thoughts Please!
  9. I have been to various forums to see if there are any responses from Columbia University. Are they going to release with Penn and Rutgers on the 14th? Sincerely, Concerned Applicate
  10. I got a letter from Penn in a large white envelope....... OMG I got in ..... (Thinks) Wait crap I forgot I requested I this info about the program. Reads thanks for your interest in the program ..........etc....etc .. Joan Weston ... Talked about a trick!
  11. Great Responses! I feel as if I'm addicted as well. I feel like it's the Grad School Application Facebook Site lol ... I'm on here I know it seems like three hours a day plus periodic checks for post. It just great to know that there is a place where people understand you and the stressful situation you in....
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