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Am I Reading Too Much Into This?


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So I don't know what to make out of this. For one of my schools, when I have obsessively checked the website over the past several weeks I only had 4 options (Check Status, Change Profile, Feedback, Directory). As of Tuesday/Wednesday (not sure the days are blurring together) this portal was updated with new links to Residential Life and Financial Aid, but no change to app status. On the back end of the Financial Aid link it shows they have received my FAFSA and are awaiting my scholarship application. Res Life link has no info. When I emailed the school they said "The site is managed by a different department and not necessarily reflective of admission decision" - When I called the school today the GA I spoke to said "Well gee, that sounds like a good sign but I don't want to get your hopes up. Official decisions will be forthcoming." WHAT? REALLY? Gee that sounds like a good sign? I am pulling my hair out here. If I didn't already have a few acceptances I would be crawling the walls!

What would you all make of this? I don't think its a fluke or glitch because it hasn't changed in days...

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Because you're getting such mixed messages (school email vs GA), I'd say that you ought to treat it as a glitch. Not saying you didn't get in, but there's no point in getting your hopes up, just in case. You'll get a status update soon - just try to breathe! :)

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Not to disappoint, but the financial aid update isn't really indicative either way. During my application process last year one of my schools began the financial aid process long before decisions went out. So they basically did exactly what your school has done, they let me know that they received my FAFSA well before the application deadline. I kind of got excited about it too, like "why would they do anything with financial aid if I wasn't getting in???" But this particular school and maybe yours too sent me my award information along with my acceptance letter, so they have to start the process now if they're going to be ready to do that. I was set up with a financial aid counselor and everything...before I got my decision, as did every other applicant. So some schools are working on financial aid before decisions go out and they actually let you know it. Other schools don't update you at all about it until after you accept their offer of admission. But in any case, at least you know they received it and you've done what you had to do and for me that was a big relief, like one less thing I had to think or worry about.

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