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  1. I know I went there for undergrad. The housing is for those students at the med school campus, so it's not far for me
  2. After being asked if I wanted children's cold medicine (for those <14) when I was 21... I am no longer surprised by people assuming I'm 18
  3. It was free after I took a free practice test... even if it costs $5 thoguh, I think it's still worth it. All "hard copy" flash card sets/books are around $20...
  4. The Master's program I began (but didn't finish) had about 22ish people in the entering cohort, composed of MSc and PhD students (they lumped us all together b/c we all took the same first-year class). My new cohort will be 12 and that seems teeny-tiny to me -- I can't imagine entering as one of 1/2/5. I'd love to hear how it is and compare notes as the year progresses!
  5. It's an apartment - 3BR. I guess I was hoping for a little less considering the location (Wash Heights, not Morningside), but I still haven't seen my room - if it's gloriously large, I'll be jumping for joy!
  6. holy crud 49 days till i move. ahhhhhhhhhhh *spazz*

  7. I agree with emmm. There's a book called "Going from College to Career" that has some really great life advice - in one of the chapters, the author states she was asked by a woman she was mentoring, "Should I apply for grad school or peace corps?" -- the author's answer was "Yes." Basically: never close any doors/windows prematurely. If you get offered both a job AND admittance to grad school, *then* you can start worrying about which to choose.
  8. I have a sneaking suspicion this will be written above my bedroom mirror once I start grad school.
  9. Finally got my housing! $950/month, almost :s I really hope the room is at least nice... I didn't really like the area where the med school is (seems like there's a lot less stuff than at Morningside - I went to CC for my undergrad so I guess I got a little spoiled )... but I'd rather live close to campus, at least my first year.
  10. I got mine a while ago (orientation schedule about a week I accepted my offer, which was also the same day that I got it ), plus official notice sent out from the grad secretary in april.... Maybe it's different for my program cause it's at the med school campus, though? I'm jealous of all y'all who are going to be on the main campus.... it's way more awesome there than at 168th
  11. I usually drink regular beer, but I love piwo z soczkiem in the summer - I find it refreshing. Amusingly, I was introduced to it by an ex-bf who drank it all the time... but after dating him a while, I'm pretty sure he might be gay (for a variety of other reasons), so
  12. I did the one school thing. It was because the school to which I applied was my top choice school (for a variety of reasons) and I am really unhappy in my current MSc program -- so, I applied as a transfer, thinking that if I didn't get in, I'd reapply next year and cast my net wider. The gamble paid off, which makes me happy
  13. I only ever had piwo z soczkiem (with juice) - tyskie with a bit of raspberry syrup, yum yum!
  14. Yeah, the trains are totally fine as long as you don't mind no A/C (and avoid overnight trains). My dad was born in Gdansk and my mom's from Gdynia originally - Trojmiasto is really quite fun, and if you're there in July, you can go to the four-day outdoor music festival (Heineken Open'er). There's a beach that's fun to hang out at (being near the sea is AWESOME), and a lot of bars/clubs along the beach between the three cities (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot); there's also the Bar Przystan that you'll hae to check out - especially if it's a cooler summer day, get fish'n'chips there (fish is fresh) and
  15. Every time you write "MOO," Sigaba, I imagine you're half-cow, half-person and can't help MOOing for emphasis when you say something you feel strongly about. This post is completely superfluous and unhelpful to the OP.
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