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I know there is decision topic but I am not sure if many cs people look there:P

I am trying to decide what to do and I need some advice.

I have an acceptance from

CUNY Graduate Center Phd (probably fully funded)

USC (masters - no financial aid - except perhaps one semester tuition - hence I would have to take a loan)

The field is computer vision. My goal is to do research in academia.

What would be a wise choice? I know there is still time but I wanted to ponder this now:P

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i believe cuny graduate center has a few decent vision guys, but the problem with cuny graduate center might be funding - less than other schools.

usc is well-funded, but, of course, you're not receiving funding.

i'd say either is a viable choice for you. i think usc would have a better quality program, and thus, i would tend to choose usc if i could afford it.

it depends on what you want to do? phd or masters? big difference.these two choices are vastly different, in my opinion.

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by thte way, if you want to do reseearch in academia, i highly suggest going to usc for your masters and trying agian in two years for your phd.

no insult to cuny graduate center, but if you may find yourself unable to find a job upon graduation since academia is highly competitive.

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Couldn't you leave CUNY after the MS portion and apply again for PhD?

Well, I am at CUNY now and if I will go here then I will continue working with my current mentor. I would feel bad on leaving after obtaining MS after he would spend his money to fund me:P

That's good news that I can defer loans. Does anyone know if profs at USC accept MS students into their labs? No point of going there to just take classes;p

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