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  1. Yes! Though I was accepted to a masters program in a slightly different field last spring and decided not to do it. I also did my undergrad there.
  2. So, I've been accepted to the University of Kent (England) for the MPhill+PhD program in Sociology and submitted my research proposal for funding... I just found out today that I will be having an interview in a couple of weeks - basically, everyone who gets shortlisted for funding gets an interview and then they pick the award recipients from the interviews. I have no idea what they are going to ask me! Has anyone been through a similar situation? Any advice is appreciated!!
  3. Ugh, yes! So much time and energy has gone into this whole process and I am fearful of (though expecting to) move away from my partner. I've only been accepted to one program - one that I REALLY want to go to - which is in England. Far from my Brooklyn apartment. My partner may or may not be coming with me - we're waiting to hear about two European Masters programs he applied to through the Erasmus Mundus program. It has been really tough. We've built a beautiful home together and we're fighting the urge to plan since there isn't anything to plan at this point. Futhermore, if I don't get funding for the program in England and if I don't get in anywhere else well then we won't be apart but I also won't be happy continuing to work 9-5. I definitely feel like we're in a holding pattern. I just want to know something for sure!
  4. Yes, you can definitely make it work. Just be smart about your money. Create a budget. There is a lot of cheap fun stuff to do and really cheap amazing food. Your rent will be your biggest expense so keep that in mind. I live in Brooklyn and not only is my place bigger and nicer than any place I ever had Manhattan, everything in Brooklyn is cheaper and I actually know my neighbors. I live in Prospect Lefferts Gardens (I LOVE it here) and I belong to the Park Slope Food Co-op and I save SO much money on food. Grocery stores in Manhattan cost three times as much as the Coop. If you ride the subway daily always buy a monthly Metrocard and if you're into cycling that is even better and cheaper! Just be smart about locking up your bike. If you have any specific questions feel free to direct message me. Also, there is SO much free stuff that happens over the summer in the city!
  5. I really want to go to the University of Kent in England to study with Chris Shilling. I've been accepted and I e-mail with Chris Shilling weekly - he is helping me work on my funding proposal - but now I just need to secure some funding! I won't know until June. Ugh.
  6. BodyStudiesPhD

    New York, NY

    I love NY and I LOVE living in south Brooklyn. My partner grew up in Cleveland and lived in Austin, TX just before moving here and the adjustment for him was not a problem. It is true that New Yorkers unfairly get a bad wrap - most people are willing to help anyone who is lost, or looks lost, or something to that effect. I think an important distinction is that people in New York just mind their own business (which I think is different from the south and from LA). Also, if you value autonomy and freedom of movement I think you'd like NY. You're not bogged down by driving a car and you can do so many things in a day or just sit in the park all day. The times that I get that "I love NY" feeling are when I'm just walking around - it is immensely freeing to walk and be outside. Don't let them fool you, there is nature in the urban all the time. You just need to learn to dress comfortably for the weather - layers are key! The hardest part about NY is meeting people and being a part of a program is a great way to do that. If you're interested and not afraid of a big city, then NY is a great place to live.
  7. I've applied to and been accepted to the University of Kent in England. The program is Sociology and Social Research MPhill+PhD. I'm currently working on my proposal for funding.
  8. Something to keep in mind, if you're in school you would defer your loans. Try not to make a solely quantitative decision and be sure CUNY is definitely funding you before deciding, they don't have much money.
  9. I would say yes it is a rejection because that is the language universities use: "approved" or "not approved" At least you're not waiting on that one any longer!
  10. Its a great program with many important scholars. Not to mention, the director of the Graduate program, Eric Klinenberg is a bit of a wonder boy. PhD's are fully funded. Period. And as for the comment regarding ending graduate school with student loan debt as being "TOXIC," while it isn't ideal (is debt ever?), it is in no way uncommon - lets not be hyperbolic here. (You obviously don't have student loan debt from your undergrad.) Also, don't pour all of your weight into U.S. News - its not a very honest system. I should mention, I did my undergrad at NYU and I'm an employee of the University.
  11. Something to consider - it is their job to read and write. This is what they do every day of their lives. They're good at it, do it well, and do it quickly. They read everything.
  12. Congrats! Is the student fee $17,000?! Or $1700??
  13. Thanks for the reply! Oh man, your St. Patty's Day trip sounds awesome!!
  14. That was me! I have no idea when they will be notifying applicants, sorry!
  15. For the person who asked me about funding via the Results Search. Funding is a separate process - I am working on my 2 page research proposal now. It is due in March.
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