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Some things about Religion i have observed


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Without adhering to any specific Religious system, i am saying this as something that seems compatible with many Religions, because it is such a simple idea, like the 'golden rule' (Confucianism and Christianity) that it is like the things many Religions say, so that it could help anyone without placing a specific conversion on someone (that is for them to decide, or the Deitie(s)). I used my Reason to understand this because i think Religion and Common Sense can and should work side by side. This info i was told by nothing and no one, i figured it out.

INTRO: Somehow, many of the things you see in life, your circumstances, your location, the people you run into even, are under some form of control so that events SEEM predestined. could be predestination, total or partial (allowing some measure of free will for us) or pantheism in real time, God(s) like a person and us like organs or cells, therefore we have free will, or creatures one dimension above us that can alter things in a powerful way like the book Flatland, seeming like predestination. Whatever is out there, cares about morals and ethics. I know this because i have seen coincidences in events in life that are too great to be coincidence, and too precise to be left by any process, but only by something intelligent.


*the imagery you encounter in life is important. If you do wrong to someone, someone that looks similar will do that to you. but they will not look so similar, and it will not happen so soon, that you would start to notice this, i think what i am saying you aren't supposed to figure out. A Deity might also wish to make a negative or positive comment about you, this is done behind your back where you do not understand immediately, using imagery. Say it wished to call you a racist, it might show you a tall person of a different race with another distinguishing characteristic like an accent. Then later when you are distracted a tall person of your skin color with a similar accent will argue with you and you get mad, he is the earlier person using some imagery to say this, you have been labeled racist because you are angry at him. For the blind, undoubtedly, speech is used the same as sight for those that can see, as imagery. so, something 'karmic' is happening, and my information that i have, it always uses imagery - you don't just get what you give but you can see it coming if you look closely the right way. Getting involved in looking at imagery is dangerous, though, it can lead to madness. Be scientific if you listen to what i am saying, and don't assume that everything you see is some imagery directed at you, but only if there are ten pieces of evidence.

and don't get anxious. you generally only get what you give so if you are not bad you have no reason to be afraid. You will die a natural death because of the human body you are in, that's it's law. If you are killed in an accident there might (?) be a payment for you for the missing years of life. If you cause someone to bleed, you can be made to bleed. think about the implications of this. It means that people's normal excuses do not work with a Deity. bleed = bleed, pain = pain and human customs from some specific time and place do not excuse you, and your slightest act that is 1% immoral will be thrown back at you, 99% moral and 1% immoral, relentlessly. Even the small things you do you don't notice are returned to you.

There are tests, and traps to make you look bad. Religions say this.

Imagery can be used with the tests, and it is even possible to foil a trap that you might deserve, if you understand what is happening well enough. Foiling something this large is probably bad.

Your mind is being read as we speak and your thoughts are used to judge you. A Christian once said this (St. Paul). It or they reading it has an intimate understanding of human psychology.

It is possible that minds are not read perfectly, and that stereotyping and pidgeon-holing is used to judge people quicker. this is not fair. tough luck, you pidgeon hole people daily and act on it, even unconsciously. You get exactly what you get. totally.

*Your arm could be moved in a way that would involve you not remembering that you did it. This would not be too hard all you need to do is manipulate some brain circuitry a little bit, decrease or increase the activation levels of a few neurons. This means that your body, face, gestures, can be temporarily hijacked and used to test someone over how they would react to their friend saying 'x', without them or you knowing this. This is not different from something that could be labeled 'predestination' or 'pantheism', it is an old Religious idea, something new to tell you, this happens all the time, not a day goes by that you do not see this happening and not understand what you are seeing. It is constantly happening near you. Telling you this is giving some of the technical details of how vaguer ideas like 'predestination' and 'testing' work. and it is not telling you too much either. I don't know very much, just a little. A war could be started this way. If military people have never killed (it is best for 'Them' not to kill a person if they never killed) and are facing each other with weapons drawn one arm can be hijacked and a bullet sent wide, the humans react by killing each other, no excuses matter, each person who kills can be killed. this probably happens.

It is likely that there is some kind of afterlife considering the effort that is being poured into this. I do not assume that it will be eternal like many Religions say, i have no evidence that this might be the case today as i write this.

I used looking at my life and my memories to understand this. I used to be a 'philosophical atheist', and there is no way i would be saying Religion is true if i did not have Sensory Evidence using Empiricism, and enough to stun me into accepting Religion as true. I am not insane either and i think the lucidity of this post will be evidence of this, i've cited Religious materials to show that those ideas are similar, i've thought about and tested every idea i have mentioned.

p.s. i hardly believe all religions are the same they are each very different. there are many people who say they all say the same thing but if you read them you see each one is very different from every other one, 'if it were true'. You actually have to read some of each Religion and decide by thinking which is true. That is what i am doing right now. It is also very clear that science is Truth, about a trillion years will pass on this planet with no apocalypse, which many Religions do predict.

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coming from a dude that's about to earn a degree in a science field before heading to BU STH, let me tell you this: science isn't truth. Science is a process; a way to obtain information, and to feel somewhat confident about it. It's a very particular way to obtain information (though not the only way).

Good luck with your journey, and don't forget to keep reading. :-D

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