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Industrial Relations at Queen's vs. Industrial Relations and HR at U of T (Masters)


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I've been accepted into both the Masters of Industrial Relations at Queen's University and the Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto.

Does anyone have any experience with these programs?

I was originally leaning towards U of T because it's a more recognized school (especially internationally) and I like the fact that you can specialize in both industrial relations and HR. However, the program is twice as long (it is 2 years versus 1 at Queen's). Doing the Masters at U of T will also mean that I will have to pay at least twice as much as the program at Queen's since I'll have to pay for 2 years of tuition and 2 years of living costs (plus Toronto is more expensive to live in than Kingston). Of course, it'll also mean that I'll be out of the workforce for an extra year.

To add to this, Queen's has offered me some funding whereas I will likely get none from U of T.

I'm not sure whether job prospects would differ much between the two degrees? Would it be more difficult to get into HR if I wanted with the degree from Queen's? Is the name of the degree (ie. industrial relations) too abstract?

I'm also interested in learning about if one program is more satisfying academically. I'm looking at both the quality/learning experience of the program and the job situation following graduation - both are important to me.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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Hands down, U of T. Queen's....... well....... look up any ranking of universities, especially related to business, and it's pretty clear which one comes out ahead. Yes, it takes a year longer, but it's recognized anywhere you go for the rest of your career. I might be biased since I was just accepted to the MIRHR program with advanced standing. Hope this helps.

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From what I have read about U of T, the MIRHR program is only one year, the same as Queen's. I suppose there is an option to do it in 2 years. I was wondering if either of you had compared tuition and residence costs for these 2 schools. It seems like U of T is about $15,000 tuition for the one year program and Queen's is considerably more. Can anyone confirm this. Anything you can tell me about residence and meal plan costs would also be a big help. Thanks

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I got into Queen's MIR with funding and am still waiting to hear from UofT for the MIRHR, but am fairly optimistic.

As a recent graduate from UofT, as I completed my HBA there - it is very likely that I will be taking Queen's offer and rejecting a potential UofT acceptance. Here is my reasoning:

1. Queen's totals 9 months to complete the program vs. the 20 months it will take UofT MIRHR students to complete the standard 2 year degree

2. Queen's gives students the ability to enter into consulting, HRM or labour relations/labour arbitration. Just because you graduate with an MIR vs. MIRHR doesn't mean you're not deemed ready to enter into various other streams of HR. When graduating 11 months earlier than UofT students, an MIR student will get experience presumably much earlier, start earning much earlier and be marketable right off the get go.

3. Queen's will be much cheaper for me. I live in Toronto, but with a tuition cost of just under $2700 per semester, it will cost me roughly $8000 for the year in tuition (excluding my scholarship). Then once you factor in accommodation and living, it should be just short of $18,000 for the year. UofT's two year MIRHR program is $20,000 in itself.

All in all, they're both great schools and great programs. Globally, sure UofT is highly recognized - but don't let that sway your decision, branding isn't always everything. Queen's is just as reputable and provides an equievalant education. After having done my undergrad at UofT, I'm looking for a change and my heart is pretty set on Queen's.

NOTE: I personally e-mailed the President of the HRPA and both schools are highly recognized (for obvious reasons) and their students are highly sought after. Just depends on your preference!

Good luck to everyone.

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